Company Profile

The company EUBAG, founded in 2000, is a mid-sized company with headquarters in Ismaning and a further location in Cologne, which focuses on the maintenance of a data center (special real estate). EUBAG’s main focus is facility management and all related services.

Task Profile


  • Desk Research:
    – Analysis of market and competitors
    – Analysis of company/business model and product
    – Analysis of target group – internal, external
    – Analysis of current communication/website
  • Qualitative interviews:
    – Interviews with staff members internally (questionnaire will be coordinated with core team)
  • Kick-off & validation workshop with core team:
    – Presentation of the project, tasks and goals, getting to know each other
    – Consolidation of analysis results
    – Identify internal requirements, SWOT analysis EUBAG
    – Derivation of action requirements and recommendations for the re-launch of the website.
    – Launch of the website. Development of specifications
    – Identify benchmarks in the industry or outside the industry
    – Coordinate results with core team


  • The brand (self-image)
    – Definition of brand essence
    – Definition of brand values
    – Identification of the USP
  • Description of the target group – development of personas
    – Property manager (facility manager)
    – House technician
    – Janitor
    – Skilled craftsmen (electricians / plant mechanics for heating, air-conditioning and sanitary engineering)
  • Brand messages, key messages
  • Determination of the content
  • Determination of the concept of the website, the structure of the website, navigation, architecture, functional specification
  • Evaluation of results and coordination with core team


  • Determine layout & design: (by Katharina Reichle)
  • Logo re-design
    – Revision of existing word mark, 3 alternatives
  • Website / basic visual concept
    – Visual look and feel
    – Use and interaction of basic elements of logo, typography, color, images, page layout
    – Design of the individual pages
    – Examples of use
    – Implementation of business cards, job advertisement, banner, flyers
  • Claim development & Text for the website
  • Programming of the website (by Elias Somvi)
    – Technical setup/optimization of content management system
    – Transfer of static design/look to all device formats (Responsive)
    – Transfer of the content to the new design
    – Possible adaptations of the content
    – Personalized handling of job offers and application forms
    – Testing on all devices
    – Adaptation of the backend for the maintenance of texts and images by the customer
    – Pdf instructions for the maintenance of texts and images by the customer
    – GoLive