Company profile

Owner-managed company (200 employees) and market leader in ventilation technology.
Felderer is a wholesaler, manufacturer and project logistician for ventilation components. Felderer supplies construction sites throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Task profile


  • Comprehensive desk research:
    – Analysis of the market and competitors.
    – Analysis of company / business model and product.
    – Analysis of the target group (B2B) – internal, external.
    – Analysis of current communication.
  • Qualitative Interviews / workshops with core team of Felderer.
    – 40 Interviews with employees, key customers and competitors.
    – Several workshops in order to involve core team in entire process.
  • Development of brand identity:
    – Strategic brand analysis (customer, competition- and self-analysis).
    – Determination of current brand identity, development of future identity.
    – Definition of positioning statement & brand promise.
    – Development of brand claim.
  • Development of new Felderer Logo, brand claim and Corporate Design. Entire Relaunch.
    • New CD for all materials such as office equipment, all communication tools, Website, Banner, fairs … up to architectural communication design
  • Development of relevant brand messages and user stories. Content development (work in progress)
  • Development of digital campaign to launch the new branding and key messages (work in progress)