Company profile

Owner-managed company (200 employees) and market leader in ventilation technology.
Felderer is a wholesaler, manufacturer and project logistician for ventilation components. Felderer supplies construction sites throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Task profile


  • Comprehensive desk research:
    – Analysis of the market and competitors.
    – Analysis of company / business model and product.
    – Analysis of the target group (B2B) – internal, external.
    – Analysis of current communication.
  • Qualitative Interviews / workshops with core team of Felderer.
    – 40 Interviews with employees, key customers and competitors.
    – Several workshops in order to involve core team in entire process.
  • Development of brand identity:
    – Strategic brand analysis (customer, competition- and self-analysis).
    – Determination of current brand identity, development of future identity.
    – Definition of positioning statement & brand promise.
    – Development of brand claim.
  • Development of new Felderer Logo, brand claim and Corporate Design. Entire Relaunch.
    – New CD for all materials such as office equipment, all communication tools, Website, Banner, fairs … up to architectural communication design
  • Development of relevant brand messages and user stories. Content development (work in progress)
  • Development of digital campaign to launch the new branding and key messages (work in progress)

Brand relaunch and communication:

  • Development of the new Felderer logo, brand claim and corporate design.
  • Complete re-launch of the website and all communication materials (business stationery, company cars, company trucks, branding on the buildings, locations, team clothing, brand brochure, banners, trade fair booth, …).
  • Complete redesign of the website as well as the online store.
  • New corporate design also developed for the ‘brand in spaces’. Transferred the specific Felderer branding and brand strategy to the individual Felderer AG venues. New interior design developed in line with ‘New Work’ requirements.
  • Development of relevant brand messages and ‘user stories’. Content development.
  • Development of a digital campaign to introduce the new branding and key messages.
  • Implementation of communications planning with quarterly reviews. Definition of Kpi’s.

Permanent support of Felderer AG, especially in strategic issues.