Walt Disney Company


Company profile

Leading U.S. media corporation, 185,000 employees, Turnover volume: $52 bn.

The Walt Disney Company operates in a wide range of business fields. As responsible Head of License of Sahinler Group, I worked closely together with the business field ‘Consumer Products’.

The Walt Disney Consumer Products GmbH, formerly headquartered in Eschborn, currently located in Munich is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Field of activity: Merchandising and licenses for apparel, accessories and luxury goods.


As license manager of Sahinler Group Europe I was responsible for the search and selection of appropriate licences for the entire group of companies. From initiation of contract, contract negotiation to implementation of contract.

Furthermore I coordinated all processes from product development, design, manufacturing to sales.

As European most important licensee in the field of apparel & accessories, I have had a close and successful partnership with Walt Disney Consumer Products. The close partnership between Sahinler Group Europe and Walt Disney Consumer Products remains active to this day.