Company Profile

Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub (ADAC), Headquarters in Munich.

Biggest automobile association in Europe. 19 million members, 8,600 employees, 18 local branches. Federal structure: Association (club) – stock company – foundation. All commercial services are summarized in the stock company (insurances, financial services, car rental service, publishing company, travel agencies, … ). Breakdown services are located within the association.

Task Profile

Creating foundation for brand strategy:

Developing brand identity:

  • Strategic brand analysis (consumer analysis, competitor analysis and self-analysis).
  • Formulation of actual brand identity.
  • Development of targeted brand identity.
  • Development of positioning statement & brand promise.

Development basic structure of brand architecture:

  • Content-based classification on basis of business areas and on basis of services and products.
  • Categorization below the umbrella brand as blueprint for CD development.

Change management / Restructuring of division ‘Marketing und Werbung’:

  • Actual analysis and definition of optimization potentials.
  • Target definition of future processes.
  • Organizational structure and process organization.
  • Strategic vision for future direction and implementation of all initiatives and processes.